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2020 By Sharon Zaal * 

During my awakening to the oceans Radiant Seasouls was born in connection with my true of inner nature, powered by the 5 elements.

My wish was starting something unique coming from my own experience, in connection with the ocean and nature. Looking more profound at the vision of Radiant Seasouls I received the insight that the holiness of water has an enormous healing power bringing the best life can offer. ‘I believe being in inspiring places is life changing’. My life transformed completely, I reconnected with my inner knowing telling me why I am here and what my calling is! 

When detaching from trusted environment you become receptive for new experiences. Would you like to change unhealthy patterns or get new inspiration? Find more balance in life by practicing yoga, meditation and let surfing in the ocean connect you with your water element. Or receive coaching to gain more self confidence, redefine your personal goals and become the best version of yourself. My journeys to Fuerteventura were a transcendental and life changing experience! I fully merged with the natural flow of my life. The desire to share with others arised and Radiant Seasouls was born to forward the message of the ocean. Become one with the flow of your life through the great healing effects of water. Reconnect you with your pure natural state of being. Water activates inspiration and creativity, gives insight to discover what we like, what our qualities and deepest desires are. The fluidity of water brings movement inside of us and opens the way for new creations, choices and opportunities. How do you become your authentic self? An important condition is to remove obstacles to tune in with your inner voice and manifest your dreams. 

During conception and first nine months of our life we were fluid and lived in water. This means we are naturally aquatic. Warm and safe in the womb we were complete with all our dreams, our life goals, fully ready to manifest ourself on mother earth. But as soon we arrive in matter the fluidness becomes fixed, you learn about attachment and become programmed. More and more losing the connection with your authentic self. 

We long to reconnect with our pure essence, where freedom and happiness are our universal destination. With completion in all aspects – physical, emotional and spiritual. 

‘A life wish became reality during my journeys when I connected with pure nature and the ocean. Through meditations and surrendering to the water. I felt from deep down inside I was in harmony with the ocean: I acknowledge you as sacred, ancient and transcendent, opening the door to pure and full interaction with my divine essence’. 

I am calling it OCEAN HEALING…

Together with a team of passionate Seasouls we recently offer life changing retreats. 

Join us on your journey and reconnect to your true nature!